Welcome to my home of making the declaration that I am exactly what I am.  That is what Soy lo que Soy, means which is I am what I am.  That means it is time to man up, eat a can of spinach and sail away to where you must go.  The greatest gift God bestows on people is invariably that they are comfortable in the their own skin.  That is a bridge too for many and then we see it in someone else, we flat out respect it.  Seeing someone own their circumstances and take full responsibility is refreshing. No finger pointing, no blame-shifting just know who you are. What is your purpose? Whose approval do we seek? We can seek the approval of our Heavenly Father in the quietness and stillness of our heart. We can relate our days ups and downs.  We can bring the trails and struggles there as well.  The great news is that we can then leave it there and move on to doing good and fulfilling your purpose.   Let’s think about the things that are good noble and conduct our selves like the entire world is watching our every move.  Join me in declaring that I am what I am.  Not in the same sense that would have gotten you stoned 2000 years ago, but rather owning your circumstance.  Then allowing God to be the master of your circumstance.  That is how we affirm that God is I AM THAT I AM.

God the I AM, made me with a purpose.  Came to save me for a reason.  There is realization that That God made us with intrinsic value.  We will have challenges and struggles, but remember His love for us and with God’s Grace you can be an over comer.  God loves those who remember and those who over come.