This page is about self identifying with a healthy idea of what we would like to become.  Who are we fans of and do we want to secretly become just like then.  It is imperative that we play close attention to who our kids follow on twitter.  List to the uncut versions of songs that our kids have on a perpetual loop, streaming in salty talk and devoid of any value. At the same time we see our church youth not be sold on the existence of Jesus. the sad part is they are given just simple rationale of why you can’t believe the Bible.  the sources are not vetted, we do not know their credentials for their assumptions or what the counter argument is.  The final decision without one ounce of effort to defend the faith, they sadly forfeit it now.  As parents we say this is a phase, but they have discounted the bible on narratives from goofballs that were not looking for the truth, just a couple guys trying to debunk God anyway they can.  My son did not put the energy or passion into seeing who or finding who Jesus really was.  If God of all things, sends Jesus to make things right with the world and make a way to go to heaven and bypass the judgment of Hell if you would only believe.  The lowest bar imaginable and the youth of day are not feeling it.  Adults are going through the motions and maybe not feeling it. Young and Old run hot and cold. In the end of the day, we need to Soy Lo Que Soy (I am what I am). Figure out our purpose, see why we were fashioned in God’s image, finding out what sin is, Our responsibility in sin and make a decision.  Not now is the answer that comes racing to the top.  Some say I need to fix my self before approaching God.  The real truth is if you go to God just the way you are , He willdo the changing in you and He does really good work.