NO, I am Good

I have decided to be part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.  I want to help change the culture at our church.  I want to encourage men in our church to meet with other men and to be accountable to one another.  I want to encourage each of us to be vulnerable and weak so that God can be made perfect in that weakness.

The group dynamic is a crazy thing, because it only takes one or two to kill the trust in a group of men.  I meet with men at a men’s bible study every week.  I have many men new to the faith and they are trying to figure out what it means to be a man of God.  We are literally doing studies on that very topic.  In the group we have many salt of the earth mature Christians that are quick to hear and slow to speak.

Then we have a man that should be part of the marketing campaign of our church.  He is an attractive guy with beautiful younger kids.  At our big Christmas show or in our church talent shows, these young children recite long pieces of scripture from memory flawlessly.

The Church is profoundly impressed with the kids, but also the example of Dad in encouraging them both into this practice of memorizing scripture.  So when we are at the conclusion of the Bible Study we go around and ask for prayer concerns.  Part of walking as a man of God is to walk alongside of your brother and also letting your brother walk along side of you.  Every time this brother takes a pass and says he is good.  It is my understanding that this brother has been approached several times about being open at even the most basic level and he opts out.

The exciting part is that everyone else is opting in.  i was concerned that this was going to create a culture of distrust, because of others not wanting to be open with other men.  Much to my surprise, the rest of us are moving in a healthy direction.  As to how to approach this brother in particular is of significant interest.  I could force the issue, but I want to see how God moves and see if this too will change.  I will defer to grace and continue to do as God has called me and hope that God is Glorified.

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