My Identity as Part of the Church

I am not sure how long it has been since you started looking for a church.  Whether you have moved or whether your life circumstances have changes.  When you go into a church you are looking for certain things.

  1. Will we be fed? If I am not in the Word on a daily basis, this is literally a life line for many in the church.
  2. Is the worship style aligned with what speaks to us? Are we spiritually moved and entertained?
  3. Do they have a good children’s ministry? My son at one of these critical junctures asked if we were going to the church that was fun or the one that we learned about Jesus.  We felt convicted and went to the one that talked about Jesus.
  4. Do the people in the congregation look like me?  This comes to feeling welcomed and in a place that is not too foreign.
  5. Of lesser concerns initially are whether the church has a vibrant Men’s and/ or Women’s ministry.

That brings me to the point of me in the church.  If we are all part of the body, then why are we reluctant to serve and do it with thanksgiving.  What if a number of those qualifiers are not that good.  Instead of opting to strengthen that ministry, we would rather move on to where we are not required to do any heavy lifting.

I find myself in a bit of that situation has I have now been in the same church for over a decade.  I remember how vibrant the men’s ministry was.  With my first couple of weeks, no less than eleven men had invited me to the Men’s retreat coming up in a couple of weeks.

As many of those pillars of the church have either moved away or passed away, I am realizing that much of that vibrancy has diminished.  We are a fraction of what we used to be.  I then look at what might I be able to add.  I see certain personalities and do not think it will necessarily inspire the guys and get a lot of people wanting to come to the events. In fact our numbers have been declining for years.

Year after year we ask “is is about quantity or quality”?  We lean towards quality, but attrition also says something as well.  So how do I not judge the current situation, but add my help and energy without trying to make it all about me.  The leader is a man wanting to lead Kingdom Men.  I just see fewer and fewer men coming to events.  i find myself forcing myself to go.  I am always glad that I go, I just need to get pushed to go. The problem is that fewer and fewer people are asking me to go.  I then came to the realization that I was part of the problem and now I wanted to be part of the solution.  My church has changed to the extent that people in my circumstance are not stepping up to lead.  This may be because we know how much prep time will be required and it seems so overwhelming.  Or we might just feel insecure about making a difference at all.  I learned many years ago, but I constantly have to remind myself that my goal is to love and encourage.  If I keep it simple and not “about me”, then progress can be made in my church one person at a time.  Time to step it up.

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