Serving at Church

It is always challenging to look in what ways you may serve at your local church. There are ways to assess your gifting.  it is rather amusing to hear what your gifts are when you cannot see them yourself.  I look and I know that I have taught Sunday school to second graders with my wife.  I have volunteered with the Church Youth Group.  I have stayed invested in a number of those kids that are out of college now.  I Usher and generally go and participate in events.  i have been in skits, lead prayer, taken and acting role in the Christmas Concert.  I have taken an occasional role in leading Wednesday evening Men’s Bible Study.

So why then do I not want to go to classes about serving.  So right as I am pondering this, I have a friend asked if I might be interested in running the men’s ministry at church.  I have always felt like I could not fill the shoes of whoever was there before and I had to ask God, if I am really the right guy yo do this.  i am always the guy they have to ask three times to do something.  I pretty consistently give in, but the bigger question is the fact that I have to be dragged.

Now I do not feel as though I am the best person for this job by any means, but i also know that if I do not jump into something, then I tend to just stand on the outside.  So the Who am I in my mind as opposed to the Who am I intended to be becomes more salient.

If i go all in, then I am pretty confident that it will work out quite well.  But that is the entire issue.  Am I all in?  I know that I need to start pushing myself and stop having to be dragged into service.  Service is a condition of the heart and part of the maturing process as a Christian is to lead.  it is important to be trained, but God meant us to go “train up” others and walk alongside them.

So if you are in a situation where you do not think you are the right person to ask, remember that God is looking for a willing heart.  I am very Confident that God is in control and I just need to do my part.  As I recall, the Bible was filled with characters that did not seem like they were up to the task.

I have to keep telling myself that it is not about me.  It is about Jesus.  I was created to love Him and Glorify Him.  It is funny how the whole world seems to come into focus when we realize that it is not about us.

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