Own It!


I cannot think of  a better example of owning your circumstance and breathing positivity from it  more that Whitney Way Thore.  When I first saw her dance, my immediate thought was “you go girl”. She owns it and from that end she is extremely fun to hang out with on her Cable TV show.  Whitney is as real as it gets.  She is vulnerable, but she is willing to risk that so that others can be inspired.  You can always talk about just owning it and be comfortable in your own skin, but it is hard to find a really good example of that.  I think Whitney fits the bill.  I usually do not include links, but Whitney’s message is worth it.

I know Body Shaming is a high trending topic.  I just know when you take the shame out of how we view ourselves, we remove a lot of that sting that we feel coming from others.  Loving ourselves is where confidence begins.  Remember that just about everyone out there is insecure and will react to someone else’s failing while deflecting anything that would remotely land back on them. Deflection and redirection is an art form for many bully enablers.  If you do not rebuff ignorance, then it only grows.  You do not have to be confrontational, but you can let people know that you are not down with that kind of abuse and walk away from it, while encouraging the one that is being abused.

Everyone has their own shame and insecurities, but once we come to terms with what is actually true versus what is a lie that some where down the road we decided to believe.  Whitney makes me smile and I am going to leave a link so she can make you smile as well.

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